Make informed decisions on risks.

A collaborative tool built on the principle of integrated risk management.

Feature rich, intuitive and modern.

Everything you need to make informed decisions.

From preparation, execution to reporting, we've combined and simplified the process.

Define your requirements in a flexible and simplified interface. Manage your standards and templates efficiently.

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Working with the latest technology shouldn’t be complicated.

We offer a single application that can be used by different teams across your organization and beyond.

Progressive Web Application

Modern, fully responsive and cross-platform.

Does not require installation and works on all devices. Always up-to-date, ability to send notifications and also use it while you are offline.

One app for all

A single application that can be used across your entire organization.

Project managers, supervisors, executors, participants and analysts, can all use our application to manage a project.

Remote video monitoring

Use our video feature for a remote inspection.

Directly save evidence from the video call and save a round trip to a remote location.

Mailing service

An integrated mailing service to send your questionnaires.

Send your questionnaires to thousands of participants and track all results with ease in our app. Leave out human errors and save time to analyse your results.

Expert Support and Integration Services for Your Business Needs

We offer a support on different levels to help with your business requirements and integration.


More than 20 years of experience in quality environmental and safety risk management.

We can provide services to your business by analysing and optimising your operations and support with the integration of new processes.

Integration and development

Get a head start by having us integrate your existing custom tools.

No need to start from scratch, you can benefit by having us integrate your existing tools, templates and forms. We also offer custom development services to meet your specific needs.

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